Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Settling into married life

One of our wedding presents was a dry erase board. You have to understand I am a lister. I list what needs to be done, what I'd like to do, my meals, my snacks, what I need to take with me, what Alexis needs to take with her. I list everything because otherwise I will forget something.

So last night before I went to bed I made a to-do list for myself for today. I got up, read it over, smiled, and left.

I didn't even think about it while I was at work today but I got home and looked and what do I see? Checkmarks all the way down. I smiled.

What a wonderful way for my dh to surprise me. He completed my to-do list except laundry, which he helped with. And so I finished the laundry today. I also finished cleaning up the bedroom from moving in, cleaned the living room and made supper.

This has really made my day that he surprised me before I came home. And I told him thank you, and left a note on the dry erase board saying thank you with 2 to-do lists. A honey do list and my own to do list. LOL

I am a very lucky woman and a very happy new bride.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Menu Planning

Monday - Chili dogs
Tuesday - Sloppy Joes
Wednesday - Spoonburgers
Thursday - Chicken, creamy rice
Friday - Spaghetti
Saturday - Baked potato oles
Sunday - Country fried pork chops

Wedding excitement

The wedding day has come and gone. Everything went wonderfully. I am going to upload some photos (there are over 400 already and thats only from 1 of 3 photographers). These are favorites of my dh and I.

My nieces, daughter (aka my flower girls) and I

My flower girls and ring bearer

Carter, my youngest ring bearer

Alexis and mommy

Alexis and mommy

Araya and Aunt Ashley

Nevaeh (my mischevious niece) and I

My baby sister (and Maid of Honor) and I

My big sister (and wedding coordinator) and I

Jaime loves this pose

So adorable

They were loved the flowers

Carter looks like he's about to start trouble

Carter running to Aunt Ashley (and ruining mom's shot hehehe)

My brother in law

We have this pose from when she was 5 on the same piano.

Mom and lil sis

my nephew Craige 

Me and my groom

Another one

My parents, my groom and his mom

My siblings and I

My brother wasn't hip on the idea of kissing me and there being proof lol

My niece

My best friend

Seriously, can we get this show on the road?

My other wedding coordinator (and my brother in laws mom). Also known as the miracle working life saver

Jaime, myself, Sam and TJ. This group is TROUBLE but we always have fun

This was kind of out of the blue but so cute

He didn't think he should have to be in pictures since he wasn't in the wedding. I set him straight lol

I don't know what we were laughing about

My Uncle Jim

My dad

My grandpa. He was being a butt and didn't want to be in any pictures

My brother and his friend, more affectionally known as my other brother

Yup I'll drag them around

And put them to work

This is my FAVORITE picture of us

Waiting for me

Best man and maid of honor

Ring bearer (he had to have daddy), groomsman and bridesmaid

Junior groomsman and jr bridesmaid. She wasn't happy to be walking with her step brother

All concentrating very hard on their job

Yes he knows he's cute

Daddy and I

Alexis telling us she loves both of us and blesses our marriage.

Mr. and Mrs. Jaime Schulze

Alexis took her shoes off and left them. Posed? No. Adorable? Yes

Jaime and I hugging his grandparents

Mark was telling Jaime to always get the last word, and those words were "Yes Dear"

Love it!

Oh yeah, I got the certificate!

Our rings

My cake

I think someone was being goofy

Our first dance as husband and wife



What you can't see is the best man bucking around. So not cool.

the chicken dance

Shaking my butt in the hokey pokey

We took off the crinoline and the best man decided he should wear it

Dancing with the girls

Mom and dad

Jess and Shane

The wreath that my sisters mother in law fixed for the reception. (and yes thats my veil. The comb was digging into my scalp)

Mom and Alexis (with Araya running around with my bouquet she caught)

My groom with a good friend. Wearing the best man's hat. Hmmm. LOL