Thursday, October 20, 2011

Finding a Church Home

As a newly married mama of a 5 year old, recently moved to the town, and having grown up with parents who don't believe that we need to go to church to praise God, I had no idea where to start looking to find a church home. I believed that while I praise God every moment of every day that I needed and my daughter needed the guidance a church provides.

I checked into several churches in town. They were not what I was looking for with my family that will grow over the next several years. However when my sister found Cornerstone she called me. "Sister" she said "I have found a church that is for OUR generation and is FAMILY oriented."

Now, to me, this seemed like a tall order to fill. Between my sister and my family our adults range from 25 to 32 and the children range from 7-3. But Cornerstone filled the order. They have Sunday service while the children age newborn to grade 2 are in Sunday School. The Sunday service is half singing. And not the traditional hymns. They are singing contemporary Christian songs. The words to the songs are up on projectors. They are playing guitars and drums. This is not your everyday church.

And on Wednesday while the kids are in their program, the parents have a parenting class providing guidance on raising children following the bible.

This does not feel like church to me. It is a church for the younger generation, for families with children, for busy families. It brings a sense of community to the large college town it is situated outside of. And you can guarantee that there are college kids sitting next to that mom of 2 high schoolers in front of the new mom across from the middle schoolers. They have us introduce ourselves to our neighbors on Sunday so that we are a church FAMILY.

When I went in search of a church home I never dreamed that in my backyard was a church that was such a perfect fit for not only me but my daughter and my sister and her family.