Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The craziness I call Life

Where to start?

There are 96 days until Christmas. In this time I have 5 1\2 quilt squares to embroider, 2 quilts to put together, and a huge cross stitch to stitch. Holy cow. This mama needs to get busy. And dad? He needs to put together a bookshelf for Alexis.

Last night I was in a car accident with Alexis. We are fine, it just pisses me off that I need to replace my car now. As I'm searching I have found a few that I like. A Nissan Versa, a Kia Forte, a Dodge Caliber, a Ford Fiesta and a Ford Focus. Now my favorite thing about some of these is that they are hatchbacks. I love hatchbacks. We have to see what the bank says.

Work is great. I started out assisting the student dentists. Since then I have started working in sterilization, assisting one of the 2 staff dentists, screening the walk in patients, as well as assisting the students. I help train the student assistants. I do it all in the clinic and I have been there for less than a year. I have been out of school for less than a year. I love it!!

Married life is great. Life is not a dream but it is life. My husband doesn't always do everything I think he should, but in all fairness I don't always do everything he thinks I should.

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