Monday, January 2, 2012

New year, new goals

Resolutions are so overdone anymore, plus you make a resolution expecting to not accomplish it. For this reason I am taking this time to examine my life and my home and figure out what needs work and setting goals.

1. Find the systems that aren't working and overhaul them.
I don't know about you but I have home systems that are failing miserably. My daughters closet is overflowing with clothes but she can't ever find what she wants or what fits. My hall closet is full of....miscellaneous stuff that I don't know what is. My cleaning supplies are everywhere. And so im going to take everything out of these places and make new systems. And then enforce things being put away.

2. Organization is key
Where's that bill? Do you know where the lunch menu is? When is that party? I, just like every other mom in America, am buried in paperwork. I plan to combat this by a) going paperless where possible b) having a clear "inbox" for all papers coming into the house and c) having specific days I go through my inbox. Invitations will go on the cork board along with menus. Bills that come in will have a file on my desk with my computer. School papers will be sorted through.

3. Meal plan and coupon
While this could fall under keep a clear budget, I'm putting it under its own goal. I want to meal plan a month out. Why? This will allow me to watch for deals and use coupons effectively. My sister and I are compiling a price book to share in Google Docs that will give standard prices as well as sale frequency

4. Budget and save
This is coming to a blog post near you soon, its too much to add in this one.

I'm hoping by setting goals for myself instead of resolutions I will achieve them instead of falling off as usual. Wish me luck ladies and gentlemen

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