Monday, July 11, 2011

A crazy weekend

This has been one of those weekends that pass by in a blur, where you're rushing here and there, and then when its all over you stop and say wait...WHAT DID I DO? Because nothing got done.

But I have the primer to start painting my house. I'm gonna start in the bathroom tonight because it is a horrendous shade of fuschia that I will be more than happy to replace with white until my lovely new paint comes in. Also I will have 2 extra children running around under my feet and I think a small space will be a good place to start. That being said, my living room, which is huge and has stains every where and needed repainted about 10 years ago, is waiting until Wednesday when my daughter is at Awana's and mommy can focus on just painting it, as quickly as possible.

Sucky part of today is that my dh has to go to work. Mind you I'm blogging on my lunch break at work, but he normally has Mondays off and he works 3 to midnight so I was looking forward to going home to him. Instead I go home to 2 extra mini men (my nephews) who at least know how to make me giggle.

Anyway back to this weekend. Saturday I slept away half the day. This is not like me. I'm usually awake, staring at the ceiling, willing myself to fall back asleep at 8 on the weekends. Nope, not this weekend. Slept like a baby until 11. At which point I had to get out of bed. Nature called. At that point I had to go grocery shopping, pick up, make dinner for the stupid hour of 4 for my little sister who was stopping over on her lunch break from work, then clean up and I'm suddenly ready for bed.

Sunday I didn't sleep late. But I was waiting for my parents to get up so we could go hang out with them. By the time they were up and I got over there it was already getting hot, humid and muggy. I don't deal with the heat, not only not well but just not at all. And so they sent me home before it got too unbearable to drive in my un-air conditioned van. At home I got my dd's pool filled, and then started dinner at 3.

I was making manicotti and I had to make spaghetti sauce because my freezer was sadly empty of all sauce. Then I had to prep the manicotti and get it in the oven. When I start dinner at 3 it should not be almost 6 before I can eat.

Then my daughter who I love managed to kill her TV. Sigh. This made me very sad as all I wanted to do was relax on the couch with my husband. But first I had to go try to make her TV work. However it failed. And then mommy was upset because it was NOT in the budget to replace a TV, and dd was upset because now she can't watch her movie in her bedroom for down time (7-9 in theory). And dh just starts looking on craigslist calm as can be. Sigh.

Oh well. Now it's Monday and duty is calling me as we speak. I just want to go back to bed....

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