Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Moving Pt 1

I don't know how many parts this will end up being. But I'm going to list off all the fun I get to do.

Jaime (my fiance) and I are taking over the house he grew up in. His mom can no longer afford to rent it and was looking into an apartment but was very sad about having someone else move into the home with so many family memories. When Jaime broached the subject of he and I moving in when she moved out, she was ecstatic. She loved the idea and so did we.

And so, after talking to the landlord and crunching some numbers, we are all set to take over the house. Before we can move in though his mom has to find and move into an apartment and his brother has to move out of the basement.

The brother is going to go back to Colorado, which is where he is from. So that is just waiting to happen.

His mom is looking at a senior apartment building in our community. In fact, it's the same one my grandpa lives in. She has filled out the application and is just waiting to hear if she is approved.

Once we can move in, our fun is just beginning.

- The foundation has a crack in it so we have to fix that. We also get to tear up the tile and repaint the walls.

- The interior walls haven't been painted in the last 20-some years. So that is a project that we need to tackle as well. I figure we will start in the bedrooms and then work through the house as we had time.

- We need to till up the garden, and plant and plan.

- We need to fence in the backyard.

- We need to build a sandbox.

I don't know how we are going to get all of this done. There is still the wedding. Finding a daycare. Both of us working full time.

I think I'm going to be very glad when it's all done!

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