Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A diet, a birthday party and packing

Oh yes, that's right a diet AND  a birthday party. That sounds brilliant to me too.

I am dieting because my wedding dress is a tad tight. And by a tad tight I mean it doesn't want to zip. Of course this is without the corset that I will be wearing but still. It is a problem. A BIG problem. And so I'm dieting and excercising. And so, here's my day's calorie total (because you might care)........1,115

That means, I get a snack tonight. Heck yeah. I just have to decide between a pudding cup, popcorn or being naughty and having an easter cake. Hmmmm.

So, as shown by todays food (that includes 3 meals, I promise) I can enjoy a birthday party while dieting.

But I have to decide what I want to make for her birthday cake. She is very into spelling and writing and coloring so I'm thinking about making a white cake with white frosting that I do a tye dye affect to (put drops of food coloring on the frosting, use a toothpick to swirl). But I don't know for sure. Sigh.

And packing. Oh joy of joys I know. But I want to get some stuff moved over to Jaimes this weekend and I want to get most of the toys and clothes packed and I would love to be down to what I need to survive for a few weeks.

Oh and let me show you what my next 2 months look like.

Weekend of April 30/May 1 - Friday - spend with Jaime's mom and have a barbeque, check out what still needs done in the basement and when we can start ripping out tile, spend the night there.
Saturday - my sister and brother go to prom, bake the birthday cake, wrap the presents (that I will buy sometime this week, I'm just not sure when)
Sunday - pick up the house, have my parents, my 2 sisters, my brother, my 3 nieces and nephews, and grandpa to celebrate Alexis and Grandpa's birthday, prepare for the week

Weekend of May 7/8 - (this isn't as detailed) celebrate mother's day, celebrate Alexis' birthday with her sperm donor's side of the family

Weekend of May 14/15 - Saturday - little sisters graduation party Sunday -  little sister's graduation

Weekend of May 21/22 - Moving into my new house!

Weekend of May 28/29(and 30th since it's memorial day weekend) Saturday - Alexis' friends birthday party (I'm thinking a garden party -that's another entry tho!) Sunday - having a few friends over for a barbeque and just having some fun Monday - I don't know. I'm really hoping NOTHING

Weekend of June 4/5 - Alexis' dance recital

Weekends of June 11/12 and 18/19 - currently nothing on the calendar however I still have a bridal shower that has to be sometime

June 25 - My wedding!

July 2/3 - It's 4th of July weekend, I'm sure something will come up....

July 9/10 - blessedly nothing

July 16/17 - my little sister and my birthdays

Holy cow that is a lot of stuff!

And stuff that isn't scheduled into a day or a weekend but still needs done this summer....

1. Paint rooms in the house
2. Have a garage sale
3. Go to the zoo
4. Plant and keep up the garden

It will be a fun and busy summer. Yay life.

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