Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bridal Shower

Today was my bridal shower. Everyone had a good time, and I even have pics to share. :-)

Vacuum from my mom

Aunt Cheri, Sisters Katrina and Jessica

Looking at the vacuum before Katie let me know she was taking a picture :-) With Jennie and Aunt Holly

Opening the wall hanging from Jennie with Jennie and Aunt Holly

Aunt Cheri, Sisters Katrina and Jessica, Mom

All the goodies, nuts and mints, punch, cake and two flameless candles from Katie

Wall clock from (Jaime's) Grandma Florence

The pretty

The pile of presents

My new scentsy from Jessica

My new electric skillet from Aunt Cheri

Talking to Aunt Holly about the mixing bowls....from Aunt Holly

The wall hanging from Jennie with Aunt Holly

My sign from Katie .... I love it!

Aunt Holly, Jennie and Sammi 

It was a nice time. We played a game where they had to guess who's like or dislike was read off. I noticed Aunt Holly looking over to my mom and sisters a few times to get a guess, but there were no rules. I got a set of measuring spoons for a prize on that game. Then we opened presents. The only things not shown is the meat that Jennie got Jaime and I.

As soon as Jaime got home we got out the vacuum. After seeing how much his mom's vacuum was missing, we decided a new one would make a good christmas present for her. We hung our picture, name and clock and pulled out the electric skillet. The scentsy is plugged in, the mixing bowls put into the cupboards, and Alexis has enjoyed the leftover cake.

Only 2 weeks left. Almost to the final countdown!!!

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