Monday, May 23, 2011

A Brand New Day

It was my first week day in my new home, my own home. Up until this point mornings have included talking to my dad, making sure we had milk, and getting my daughter and I out the door without waking up the dogs which would wake up the entire household. Today I got to wake up, get Alexis dressed and walk out the door.

No worrying about who should be awake. Jaime works 2nd shift.

No worrying about milk. Jaime and I are the only ones who pour it, and there is a list on the fridge for groceries we need. Plus the gas station is across the street.

No worrying about dogs. The only pet we have right now is the fish and they get fed at night. When we get a kitten in the next few weeks we can worry about does it have food and water. Not until then. And cats sleep much better than dogs.

I also didn't have to worry about did it rain last night. Are the gravel roads sloppy? Can I drive a normal speed or do I have to make like a turtle and crawl?

Then I came home from work. The only people I had to worry about feeding were Alexis and myself. The only tastes I have to cater to are Alexis' and my own. Jaime will try anything.

We went to the bowling alley to say hi to Alexis' uncle and papa. We went to the library, her on her bike, me walking, and enjoyed the sounds of the night. We came home and she played on the computer while mom put stuff away and picked up the house.

And what am I doing now? Other than blogging of course. I am planning her birthday party.

I am thinking old fashioned garden party.

I am going to serve apple juice (tea) with mini cakes and sandwiches.

We are going to set up the croquet and badmitton sets.

I'm going to have coloring pages with flowers.

I'm going to make flower cookies to take home.

I'm going to make a sign of flowers that says happy birthday Alexis.

I'm excited. This is her first friends party which will be followed by...her first sleepover in her new house.

Her cousins are going to stay the night and I'm going to put them all to sleep on the floor in the living room. We are going to watch movies and eat popcorn. We are going to play outside until the sun goes down. We are going to make something fun and easy for supper (just not sure what quite yet). We are going to have FUN.

The next day will be our housewarming BBQ. Everyone is going to bring something to grill, a side dish to share and lots of fun. It will be friends and family. I will take lots of pictures!

And what are we going to do on Monday after all this fun and excitement? RELAX. Well....maybe.

We still have a wedding to finish planning....

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