Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stranger things have happened

I have always told people that when they have questioned things. And I have found a story that collaborates that view point. Please, feel free to read this story, this story that has made me scratch my head and wonder where the line between freedom to raise our children the way we feel best and making sure the children in our country are being taken care of, mentally as well as physically.

But that's not really a major part of my day.

I'm still not use to having a camera to use. I had to buy a memory card after Alexis' godfather bought her a vreader and forgot to buy her a memory card to download games. You guessed it, I gave Alexis the memory card out of my camera and put off buying one. I finally bought one yesterday and did get a few pictures.

However today I had some good photo ops that I totally missed. My sisters came over, along with my nieces and nephews, and had dinner with me. Nothing fancy, salad with fresh spinach, and radishes from my sister's garden, tomatoes and chicken for the adults and hot dogs and chips for the kids. Nothing extraordinary at all. But the kids were being so cute I should have snapped some shots of them. Sigh.

Also I got my order in from the thirty-one catalog. And I LOVE IT. I'm seriously considering buying another item, since another friend of mine is hosting another thirty-one party. But what to get. If you have never heard of them, check them out. They have a lot of amazing organizing solutions.

I didn't get anything done tonight. And on one hand that really bothers me. There is so much to do right now that I should not have a whole lot of down time. On the other hand I have to take time sometime. And I'm not asleep yet. There is still time for me to get something done. In fact as I sit here I keep thinking of things I should be doing.

In fact, I think I will postpone the rest of this post....

Until something is accomplished....

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